On January 13th, 2020, a winter expedition of the Polish Winter Himalaism program set off to Pakistan. The goal of the expedition was Batura Sar peak (7795 m), which has not yet been climbed in winter. I joined the expedition as a filmmaker.

After landing in Pakistan, we were faced with news about the largest snowfall in 25 years. During our trekking to Base Camp, we had to deal with snow often reaching above the waist, or even the neck. The porters’ strike was also an unpleasant surprise.

We climbed on Batura Sar until the end of February 2020. We managed to reach an altitude of 6.600 meters above sea level. Unfortunately, continuous snowfalls and avalanche threats forced us to end the expedition at the beginning of March.

From this expedition I prepared a documentary „Batura: Mountain of Snow” (Batura: Góra Śniegu).