About me

My name is Oswald Rodrigo Pereira. I’m Polish, but also Portuguese, although born in Belgium. I studied law, but found my vocation as a TV journalist. The search for most interesting human stories and inspiring achievements had led me to places I never thought I would land – to the highest mountains on Earth.

I have been climbing and filming in them since 2018. It was in February 2018 that I worked as a reporter from the Polish national K2 winter expedition. Later, I participated in three expeditions as part of the Artur Hajzer Polish Winter Himalaism program: Nanda Devi East, Lhotse and Batura Sar. In Winter 2020/21 I witnessed the triumph and tragedy on K2. In the summer of 2021, I returned with my camera to work on the second-highest mountain in the world. I climbed to Camp 3 (7300 m). I also summited Broad Peak without supplementary oxygen.

When I’m not in the high mountains, I run ultramarathons, climb, read or … take care of dogs in a shelter in Warsaw.

Here are a couple of numbers...

  • 0 expeditions
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    Broad Peak summited in July 2021
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    with media
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    on K2 in winter