Oswald Rodrigo Pereira
reporter and filmmaker

About me

My name is Oswald Rodrigo Pereira. I’m a reporter and filmmaker in high mountains. I have been climbing and filming in the highest mountains since 2018. But most of all, I’m a witness of extraordinary stories that I try to tell.

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Current project

Last winter, I witnessed some extraordinary and historical events on K2. This summer I returned to the 2nd highest peak in the world to tell the story of the ones that stayed here forever and also to accompany their loved ones. I started my climbing and shooting on June 29th. First I managed to climb to Camp 3 on K2 (7300 m) and on July 18th I climbed the summit of Broad Peak. A couple of days later, I decided about finishing my K2 expedition. I felt it wasn’t the right time and conditions to climb it. I returned to Poland on August 6th.

My portfolio

I found myself for the first time in high mountains in February 2018. I joined a polish K2 winter expedition as a reporter. Over last three years I took part in five expeditions in three countries.

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